Chemical Deinking Flotation Efficiency Of Coloured Toner

  • Željka Barbarić-Mikočević
  • Vesna Džimbek-Malčić
  • Ivana Đermanović
  • Višnja Mikac Dadić


Recycling of paper printed with colour laser printer xerox phaser 7700 has been investigated in this work. The recycling was performed by chemical deinking with double stage flotation with the usage of anion surfactant. Froths collected by flotation were re-floated in purpose to increase the usage of fibers. The efficiency of first flotation of magenta particles (98.3%), cyan (96.9%) and carbon ones (91.5%) was calculated from results of the image analysis method. The same method was not effective for the identification of the yellow toner particles. The particle size is important characteristic for flotation efficiency. The efficiency of the first flotation is the best for smallest particles (magenta) and for them the second flotation is unnecessary, while for bigger toner particles (cyan, carbon) second flotation is desirable. The efficiency of second (abf) flotation as a function of each colour (cyan 78.0%, magenta 58.6% and carbon 61.4%) of particle number detected by image analysis method has shown that double stage flotation is successful method of improving the usage of fibers in recycling process.

Jan 13, 2017
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BARBARIĆ-MIKOČEVIĆ, Željka et al. Chemical Deinking Flotation Efficiency Of Coloured Toner. Acta Graphica, [S.l.], v. 20, n. 1-4, p. 1-8, jan. 2017. ISSN 1848-3828. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 jan. 2022.
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